The Verdict Came In

First of all my opinion was that the jury made the right decision. There was considerable reasonable doubt in this case. Did Casey Anthony get away with murder as several people have suggested. Well, first of all we don’t know for a fact that Caylee was murdered. All that we know for sure is that Caylee is dead. The fact is that life will never be the same for Casey Anthony. as of this writing she could be the most hated human being on this earth. Remember that Bin Laden is dead. Many people believe that Casey intentionally killed her daughter by either the use of duct tape, chloroform or both.  Even more people believe that Casey Anthony tossed the decomposed body of her little girl into the woods like she was trash. This is not something anyone wants on their resume. The question is ,”What will Casey Anthony do to rebuild her life?” The simple fact is that life will never be the same for this woman. At this point I think that she will need to hire bodyguards to follow her around if she intends to keep living in The United States. Casey has a few options. One is to totally change her identity and this would likely also involve plastic surgery. Casey has already proven herself to be an accomplished liar so she should have little difficulty giving herself a completely new personal history. In fact few people even know what her real personal history is.


An Introduction to Ken David Stewart

Hello people,

I am new to WordPress but have been an active blogger for about a month now. My previous blogs can be found on,blogger,com, and twitter.I do a lot of videos on You Tube as well. I blog on a variety of topics such as A Day in the Life of Ken David Stewart  and Daily Recommendations from Ken David Stewart. I have a blog going on called Roswell 1947. Roswell 1947 is a fictional play that I have written. I am releasing it in serial episodes. I also have a blog related to psycho-social rehabilitation for people with severe and persistent psychiatric disabilities. I have a variety of interests and past times and I often blog about these. My interests include playing guitar, rock music, writing plays and stories, working out at the gym, doing kids’ videos on You Tube, dogs, reading books and listening to audio books to name a few.

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