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Episode Eight of Keith Ross, a Novel by Ken David Stewart

Episode Eight

“After lunch do you want to take your dog for a walk? We can take mine too. He’s an American cocker spaniel. I left him at Grandma’s house,” Tamara asked.

“That’s a great idea. I usually take Rex out for a walk just about every day. We only walk for about ten to fifteen minutes. Rex is pretty strong and I’m an old man. I’m planning to get myself in better shape this summer, though. Do you have a bicycle, Tamara?” he asked.

“Yes, I have a red and white Trek,” Tamara answered.

“Would you like to go for a bike ride with me? I like to cycle around St. Vital Park.”

“I would love to. That would give me more motivation to exercise,” Keith responded.

Just as Keith took a long sip from his glass of water, he saw two police constables walking up to his front door.

“I wonder why the police are coming to my house. I didn’t call them,” he said looking puzzled.

When Keith opened the door for the two police officers, a young male constable looked Keith in the eye. “Do you have a young lady named Tamara Cameo staying with you?”

Keith shrugged. “Yes, but I just met her. She just came over for lunch.”

Tamara stepped in front of Keith and confidently confronted the constable. “I know why you’re here. You’re going to pick me up for breaching my parole last night.”

“That’s right,” said the other constable, a young, attractive female police officer. We were just at your grandmother’s house and she told us you might be here. Place your hands behind your back. I’m going to have to handcuff you.”

“Just as the police constable was putting the handcuffs on Tamara, her grandmother crossed into Keith’s yard to see what all the excitement was about.

Brenda Cameo had a slim build and was an attractive lady who had just celebrated her fifty fourth birthday. She presented with a calm demeanor as she approached the police officers.

“Sorry about this, constables. I was just telling Tamara yesterday how important it is to meet with her parole officer.”

“I didn’t think that they would arrest me today. I just got caught for selling a little bit of weed,” Tamara said as an annoyed look spread across her face.

“The court takes skipping mandated appointments very seriously, my dear,” the young, blonde police officer said as she checked to see if she had positioned the handcuffs correctly.

“We came over to your grandmother’s house as soon as we were notified by your parole officer that you failed to attend this morning’s meeting.”

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I was going to phone Sarah, my PO, to find out if I could meet with her later today. What the heck. Prime Minister Trudeau is going to legalize marijuana next year anyway,” Tamara protested.


The young, handsome male constable took Tamara’s right arm and started to move her towards the police car.

“That’s all well and good, but you still have to wait until next year. Maybe by then, you can get a license to sell weed legally and open up your own shop,” Constable Williams said with a grin.

Tamara started to chuckle. “That sounds like a plan, but I guess you guys have to take me to jail today.”

“That’s right,” said Constable Humie, the attractive blonde female constable.


A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life
As I went to bed very early last night I managed to get up early in the morning. After my morning coffee and breakfast it was time to take my two dogs for their daily run out at the dog park. If I could I would run with them but right now all I am capable of is walking around the dog park. All the same this amounts to roughly 40 min. of exercise for me and my dogs. The dogs also seem to enjoy the car ride. I like to take my dogs first thing in the morning whenever possible. This seems to take the edge off their excess of energy for at least part of the day. In other words my dogs are less likely to act out if they have had their morning exercise. This tends to make life a lot easier for my wife and me. It was a bit on the chilly side today but I was glad there was snow instead of mud on the trail. Last week the weather was a little warmer and this turned the ground to mud. I would much rather walk on frozen ground than slide around in the mud. There is something about a snowy winter day and being out with your dogs which is very invigorating. Another way of putting this would be to say it is good for the soul.
Although I enjoy taking my dogs to the dog park I usually have to take it easy for a while when I get home. As my wife needed the car for the afternoon I was called into duty to do today’s shopping. I actually don’t mind grocery shopping because it gives me a chance to buy the things that I like. Of course most of these things are not good for me. The only negative part of going grocery shopping is unloading the car after you leave the store.. This is okay if you can park right in front of your house but if you have to park about half a block away or more this is not so much fun. Today was one of those days when parking was not readily available and I had a 33 pound bag of dog food to carry on my shoulder. There is not too much I would not do for my dogs.
I spend a lot of my time trying to educate myself. It would probably be more profitable if I spent more of my time fixing things around the house. Unfortunately, I do not have the money, know-how or the inclination to fix things. I would rather read and study. Talking about studying I have returned to reading my Bible after a prolonged period of time. There were many months where I could not even look at the Bible, never mind pick it up and read it. I have a pattern of going through seasons like this. This frustrates my wife no end but she is always happier when I’m in a more spiritual season of my life. I told her not to give me any credit for it was all God’s doing. Anyway, I was reading from the book of Ezekiel today. Ezekiel is not an easy book to read as it is full of poetic imagery and metaphor. I find that I have to read passages from this book over and over and very slowly try to visualize what the writer is describing. Some people have even claimed to find flying saucer imagery in certain passages of Ezekiel. I now know how this is possible. (to be continued).

On Dogs and the Dr.Conrad Murray Trial

What Else Have I been Up To?
As our two dogs drive us crazy from time to time I have been forced to look at giving the dogs some proper training. I don’t know how many dogs I’ve owned in my life but I know that I haven’t bothered to train any of them. Correction. I did hire a dog trainer for my now deceased black lab, Buddy. Sadly, this didn’t work out very well and I pretty much gave up trying to train the two dogs we own now. I have decided to try teaching myself something about the art of training the canine by watching Cesar Millan videos. What I have learned so far is that I am definitely not the pack leader in my dogs’ eyes. I am presently trying to learn the psychology of the dog. Hopefully I”ll learn some practical training techniques also.
I have also been following the Dr. Conrad Murray trial. I have not been following this trial as closely as I kept up with the Casey Anthony trial. By the way, I haven’t heard anything about Casey Anthony in a long time.
As of this writing the jury in the Conrad Murray trial is still deliberating the verdict. I have no idea what they are going to decide. I don’t think that Dr. Murray is totally responsible for Michael Jackson’s death. I think Dr. Murray was just one of many contributing factors. Michael Jackson was not in good health at the age of fifty. He was addicted to prescription medications and found going to sleep almost impossible without the help of chemicals. At the time of Michael’s death he was seriously in debt and didn’t appear to be healthy enough to complete his upcoming performance itinerary. A lot of people would be adversely affected if Michael could not perform his concerts due to poor health. The pressure on Jackson was enormous. Was there any doubt about why he had trouble sleeping? Michael Jackson was a desperate man who thought that the only way he could succeed with his concert tour was by hiring a doctor who would provide him with the medications that he thought that he required. Michael convinced Dr. Murray to provide the drugs that Michael felt would help him to function. Dr. Murray should never have taken on Michael Jackson’s medical care. He made the mistake of becoming not only one of Michael’s doctors but also Michael Jackson’s employee and friend. As a result Dr. Murray lost his professional perspective with tragic consequences.

Vegging Time

Vegging Time

After taking my dogs to the dog park and doing some yard clean up I figured I got in my quota of exercise for the day. In fact I’m still recovering from yesterday’s workout at the gym. There is something about weight training that really takes it out of me. Yet I’m told that it is good for me. The rest of the day was spent in totally non physical activities like reading a lot of Blogster posts. You people write some cool stuff. I especially enjoy hearing what the young people have to say. The NFL regular season starts next week and I am once again curious to see how my Oakland Raiders are going to do. I live in Canada but I’m a big Oakland Raiders fan. Their colors and logo are so cool. I also watched a Guitar World video of a guy demonstrating how to play Led Zeppelin on guitar. The video increased my desire to own a double neck guitar like Jimmy Page uses on The Song Remains the Same and Stairway to Heaven. I would be happy with the Epiphone version if I can’t get a Gibson version.
I also spent a good portion of my afternoon being angry with my computer. The last month or so my computer has not been behaving very well. Today I was getting a strange error message when I tried to open my J River Media Center program. I tried a few novel things and finally got the damn thing up and running again.

Getting Old Sucks

Getting Old Sucks

Today I have the energy level of a tree sloth on Quaaludes. I feel like a semi must have rolled over me while I was asleep but I can’t find any tire marks on my tee shirt. I’m pushing sixty; maybe that’s my problem. When I was a young man I could usually get myself back into shape in about a week. The first few days I’d be in pain but after I got over the hump it was pretty much smooth sailing. Not any more. No matter how much I exercise or how consistently I work out, the day after always feels the same. In other words get out the ice packs and the Tylenol and take your time getting out of your chair.
Yesterday was a good example of this. I went out for a bike ride in the morning only to get a flat tire when I got to my destination. Don’t you love those people that break glass bottles on the street? This meant that my return trip was going to be on foot and not by bike. It also meant that I would be pushing my bike home not riding it. It didn’t help that it was over 30 degrees Celsius. Like the true, aging warrior that I am, I gutted it out and walked a couple of miles to my local bike shop for repairs. After my bike was fixed the next thing on my agenda was a nap. Shortly after I got up I was enthusiastically greeted by both my Belgian Shepherd and my Blue Heeler. They communicated to me in dog language that it was time for a trip to the dog park. This, of course, calls for more physical exertion on the part of their owner. Wanting to maintain my good owners rating from my dogs I acquiesced to their demands. Where’s my pipe and slippers?

Roswell 1947 page fifteen

Page fifteen

Narrator: Mick starts up the van and heads for town.

Mick: I’ve got to get back to the radio station. I’ve got an even better story to tell now!

Act Four Scene three

Narrator: Back at the hospital, Zeke, the janitor runs up to General Kane.

Zeke: General, the guy you locked up in the storage room escaped!

General Kane: Enns! Get in the truck. We’ve got to catch the rancher before he starts shooting his mouth off again.

Narrator: Enns and General Kane start driving down the back lane. They come to an abrupt stop when they see two dog catchers climbing out of a large, blue dumpster.

Private Enns: Look General, the city makes those poor dog catchers hunt for stray dogs in the dumpster.

General Kane: I doubt that Private. Roswell city employees have a union.

Private Enns: Maybe the dog catchers are not included in the union contract.

General Kane (to the dog catchers) : What the heck were you guys doing in the dumpster? Just look at you guys! Covered in garbage. You men are a disgrace to the uniform!

Private Enns: I thought city employees made good money. You guys shouldn’t have to crawl into a dumpster looking for food.

Hoss: We’re not looking for food. A large Rottweiler chased us into the dumpster.

General Kane: Men, it’s your job to catch dogs not run away from them.

Harvey: Well sir, there’s a whole different side to this story. You tell them what happened, Hoss.

Hoss: Well, it’s kind of a long story. We were sitting in the van having our smoke break when we see this guy come stumbling down the back lane.

Harvey: Yeah, and this guy starts telling us this goofy story about escaping from the hospital. He said that two air force guys kidnapped him and threw him in the back of an army truck with a bunch of aliens.