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Faith (Part Two)

Faith (Part Two)


There have been many times in my life when I don’t appear to living under an ‘open heaven”. During these times it is difficult to press on in faith. There are days, weeks and months in which everything that I touch or go near tends to break or simply stops working. As I am very mechanically challenged these instances usually mean that it is going to cost me money to have someone come in to repair things for me. Or I may have to phone for technical support and this often leads to a lot of frustration with nothing getting accomplished.

When these things occur I often ask the Holy Spirit to step into the situation and either take over or shed some light on what I should do to correct the problem.

Then there are other trials that are potentially a lot more serious. In November of 2012 I had to have surgery for a detached retina in my left eye. The prognosis that I received from the surgeon was that I will never totally regain my vision. Presently, my vision is certainly not what it should be and has presented me with many challenges.

In this situation I have chosen to believe the Word of God for a miraculous, supernatural restoration of my vision. I know that I must continue to exercise faith and”press in” for my healing.”


The Importance of Faith

The Importance of Faith (Part One)


Faith is of great importance in my life. It is a concept that I have been interested in for many years and I am attracted to people who appear to possess a great deal of faith. In this article I will be talking about Christian faith although I believe that everyone has a measure of faith. They may just have faith in different things.

Faith produces trust and hope. I have been through seasons in my life in which I have had little or no hope. That happens when I temporarily do not “press in” for faith. These have also been the most miserable times in my life.

Every day I would like to believe is going to be a good day for me. It is much better to approach each day expecting good things to happen. As I have a mood disorder and a number of physical handicaps this is not always easy.

It says in the Bible that without faith it is impossible to please God. God wants us to believe and trust in him for good things. Of course, this is much easier when circumstances seem to be going our way. Fortunately, there are times when we appear to be “getting the breaks” and we are “feeling it.”

These are times when we definitely feel that we have God’s favour and are living under an “open heaven”. Image

Lake Mariposa Part Twenty-Eight

Lloyd, Sasha and Rick all got themselves a coffee and a sandwich when they got to the hospital cafeteria.

Well, Rick you’ve sure had some excitement with us this weekend,” said Lloyd.

That’s for sure. I could do with a little less of an adrenaline buzz the next time I go camping with you guys,” said Rick.

I’m amazed that you would even consider going anywhere with us again,” said Sasha.

Ah, come on, you guys are already like a second family to me,” Rick said with a smile.

Lloyd was watching the clock in the cafeteria closely. When the forty-five minutes was up Lloyd told the others that it was time to get back to the waiting area of the emergency ward.

The group waited nervously for word from Dr. Pauls. After about ten minutes he arrived.

Fortunately, I’ve got good news for you. I think Misty is going to be all right. The results of the brain scan came back and nothing abnormal was found. This is a good indication that there won’t be any permanent damage from Misty’s head injury. She did, however, suffer a mild concussion so I would ask that you keep a close eye on her for the next few weeks,” the doctor reported.

Oh, praise God!” Lloyd said. Lloyd isn’t a Christian but these were the first words to come out of his mouth.

Praise Jesus!” said Sasha in a loud voice.

When can she go home?” asked Rick.

We’ll keep Misty under observation for the rest of the night and the morning but if she remains stable you should be able to pick her up at about two in the afternoon,” Dr. Pauls answered.

I better call Mom,” said Sasha. Sasha walked the short distance to the pay phone to call her mother.

Hi, Mom. I’ve got great news. Dr. Pauls said that Misty is probably going to be all right. He told us that the brain scan did not show any evidence of a permanent brain injury,” said Sasha excitedly.

Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!” said Sheila almost screaming into the phone. I’ll have to phone all the prayer warriors and thank them for their prayer’s for Misty’s healing.”




Lake Mariposa Part Twenty-Six

In approximately one more hour we should have the results from her brain scan. Don’t worry. I have assigned a nurse to sit in a chair beside Misty’s bed to monitor her condition. I instructed her that if there is any change in Misty’s condition to alert me immediately. Why don’t you go to the cafeteria to get a coffee and I will give you an update you in about an hour,” said Dr. Pauls with a calm, reassuring tone to his voice.

Thank you doctor. We’ll be back in the waiting room in about forty-five minutes,” Lloyd said.

While the doctor was talking to her father Sasha had gone to the nearest pay phone in the lobby of the hospital. She called her mother, Sheila’s, number.

Her mother picked up the phone on the second ring.

Hi, honey. How are you enjoying your vacation so far?” asked Sheila.

Well, it hasn’t been boring. I can say that much. Look, Mom the reason I’m calling is that Misty is in the hospital right now,” said Sasha very voice trembling.

Oh, my God, what happened to her?” asked Sheila sounding like she was choking on her words. Sheila was just about to go out to a Bible study.

Misty had an accident. Sheila slipped and fell and hit her head on a rock. The doctor was able to sew up the wound to her head but he is still keeping her under observation as he fears there may be some complications,” Sasha said checking to see if her father was still talking to the doctor.

What kind of complications?

Well, Misty has been speaking in gibberish and appears to be hallucinating,” answered Sasha.

Where were you guys when this happened?” asked Sheila beginning to sound very agitated.

We have been at The Lake Mariposa outdoor rock festival for the past two days. Dad took us,” said Sasha.

Did Misty take any drugs when she was at the festival?” asked her mom.

She smoked some weed but I think that a guy she met at the festival gave her some acid. The acid may have been contaminated,” said Sasha.

So what’s happening right now?” asked her mom standing up now and beginning to pace while talking on the phone to her daughter.

Well, Dad is talking to Misty’s doctor right now. I’m sure he’s getting an update on her condition.

Look Sasha. I’m going to quickly drive to my Bible study where I have some great prayer warriors that can start praying for Misty. And Sasha. I want you to call me as soon as you get further updates on Misty’s condition.”

I will Mom. I’m going to give you the phone number for Winnipeg General Hospital Emergency. I’m sure that Dad and I are going to be here for most of the night. I love you, Mom.” Sasha began to sob.




The Weekend Warrior and Dave Mustaine

The Weekend Warrior

I’ve been doing a considerable amount of reading and writing this weekend. I have a very unorthodox writing routine. At present I am working on two stories at once. I have actually started a third as well. This weekend I’ve been feeling more “heat” form the first two of my stories. I use the term, “heat” to mean inspiration and urgency to write. In other words, The Muse seems to have arrived for the two stories and has indicated a desire to take an active part in my writing sessions.

My first story centers around a tragic accident that takes place at a rehabilitation facility. The second one involved a summer rock festival from the nineteen sixties.

When I take a break from my writing I will often stop to listen to an audiobook. Once again I listen to more than one at a time. Yesterday, I listened to Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir. I highly recommend this autobiography if you can tolerate Dave’s frequent use of the F bomb. Dave discusses in depth his relationship with his former band, Metallica. He also describes how he came to be a Christian and the choices he has had to make playing in a heavy metal band. Dave talks about the decisions he has had to make as to whether or not to play with “satanic” bands at rock festivals. Dave Mustaine does an excellent job of explaining how he deals with these situations.