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Chapter Eight of The Pile Driver, A Novel

Steroids entered the picture in Al’s fifth year as a pro wrestler.

In his early career, appearing to be out of shape and overweight was common for wrestlers. There were one or two bodybuilders in the business, but they were somewhat of a novelty. Al felt intense pressure to start pumping iron and take steroids in order to prolong his career.
Al finally made the decision to start taking steroids. He also developed a punishing weight training routine. Within the first month Al could already see results. He was definitely gaining lean muscle mass and his muscles were starting to show definition.
After a couple more months of taking steroids and training extremely hard, Al’s booker started to take notice. The promoter had been primarily using Al as a jobber. A jobber is a term used in wrestling to describe a wrestlers whose main function is to be the opponent for wrestlers that are considered headliners. The booker wantswrestling cover 1 to give the star wrestlers an opportunity to show off their skills. In order to accomplish this goal jobbers must be employed to lose matches to the headliners and make them look good in the eyes of the audience.
The promoter started to try taking Al out of his jobber role and make him into a potential mid-card attraction. The problem was that the personas and storylines that were created for Al never really ‘got over’ with the wrestling audience. During this time Al’s marriage was in serious trouble. Al’s wife had had enough of Al being on the road so much, neglecting his family and the recurrent mood swings caused by the steroids and the rigors of the wrestling lifestyle. Al’s wife also told him that his kids were growing up without a father.
Al loved his family very much but he also loved wrestling and couldn’t see himself leaving the business completely. One night as Al was lying in bed, the answer came to him. He would start up his own independent wrestling school and indie promotion. He would hire some good staff to help him out and this would give him more time for his family. As he would only be running a locally based wrestling promotion he would not need to spend as much time on the road away from his family. He ran his idea by his wife and she agreed to let her husband give it a try.


Episode 139 of The Lake Demon, A Novel

Episode 139:

Garry and Wally were all set to board Winston Stanfield’s enormous state of the art cabin cruiser. Winston and an engineer friend of his had designed the boat together. It was painted white with red trim. The boys noticed that the main deck of the ship had three powerful telescopes mounted on both the left and right hand sides.
“With six telescopes we won’t miss sighting Ogopogo if he decides to surface today,” said Garry.
“That’s definitely possible,” added Wally. “The creature has to get hungry sometime and I can see a ton of birds flying close to the surface.”
“It’s a perfect day for a boat ride today. The water looks calm, the sun is shining brightly and I don’t see a dark cloud in sight. Yes, indeed, we might get lucky today and see Ogopogo,” said Winston.
“What part of the lake are we headed for, Winston?” asked Garry.
“We’re going to use some strategy today, boys. The majority of good sightings have been in the general vicinity of Squally Point and Rattlesnake Island. So that’s where we’re headed,” answered Winston.

“It appears that all the famous lake monsters have a favorite location. For example, Nessie’s favorite spot is near Urquhart Castle,” noted Wally.
“That’s because Loch Ness reaches its greatest depths in that area. The beast very likely has her lair deep in the depths around Urquhart Castle,” said Winston.
“What about Ogopogo? Where do you think its lair is situated?” asked Garry.
“Right where we’re headed now. The area surrounding Squally Point and Rattlesnake Lake is a very logical place for Ogopogo to have his home base. There are plenty of fish such as trout and salmon in that vicinity and the lake also reaches its greatest depths around there,” answered Winston. “This is where my diver friend was when he had a rather frightening encounter with the lake monster. He had discovered several deep ridges and caverns around Rattlesnake Island. He told me that a very large animal could easily hide in some of these deep caverns.”
“How’s your diver buddy doing now?” asked Wally.
“Not that great,” answered Winston. “I spoke to him about a week ago and he told me that he was still getting nightmares about the incident. He also said that he’s never going diving in that area of the lake again.”

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Episode 137 of The Lake Demon, A Novel

Episode 137:
For a little while, Jack was unaware of what Blake was doing behind his back. This ended when Jack received a phone call from one of his downline informing him of Blake’s treachery. Blake hadn’t even offered Jack an opportunity or a position in the new company. This caused Jack to seethe with anger.
Jack stayed awake for many nights trying to come up with a plan to get revenge on Blake. He preferred to have an action plan that was legal. He did not want to go to jail in the process of achieving his goal.
After another of his sleepless nights, Jack sluggishly got himself out of bed. He opened his front door and retrieved the morning edition of The Kelowna Sun.
As Jack skimmed through the newspaper the first thing that captured his attention was an article by reporter, Bobby O’Connor. The article was about Ogopogo and mentioned Blake Riley’s plans to finance an expedition to search for the legendary lake monster.
Jack Kimberley now knew what his plan to get revenge on Blake would entail. He needed to find a way to derail Blake’s expedition.

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Episode 79 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 79:
“I want to hear more about your grandfather another time but I see that the nurse is signalling for us to come inside,” said Garry.
“Yeah, next time you want to go for a smoke come find me in my room, 109. I think that we will be having some interesting conversations,” replied Wally.
Garry walked back to his room glad that he had made a friend. He sat alone in his room for a few minutes pondering his conversation with Wally.
Shortly after this he heard a knock on his door. It was Todd Finlay.
“Sorry for the interruption, man, but the guy down in emergency was freaking out pretty bad. I see that you finished all your supper. They must have forgot to send up your desert. It was apple pie and ice cream this evening. If you want I can go down to the kitchen to get you one. They usually have food left over,” said Todd.
“No thanks Todd. I’m pretty full from my supper,” answered Garry.
“Should I open your window now?” joked Todd.
“Not just yet,” Garry laughed.
“The receptionist told me you went out for a smoke break while I was gone,” said Todd.
“Yeah, I did,” said Garry taking a sip from the remainder of his coffee that had now turned cold.
“Was anyone out in the court yard with you?” asked Todd.
“Yeah, a guy named Wally Standfield.”
“Good. Wally’s an interesting guy. He likes to talk doesn’t he?”
“Actually, talking to him cheered me up a bit.”
“I’m glad to hear that,” said Todd putting his yellow legal pad on the desk in Garry’s room. He also took out his favorite silver Cross pen.
“I have to take a few notes on my clients when I have interactions with them. I enter some of them in the shift log book and some stuff I use for my case notes on my clients,” said Todd moving a chair closer to Garry’s desk. “It’s all part of my job.
If I don’t write them down immediately I’ll probably forget what we talked about an hour from now.”

Picture 3

Episode 74 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 74 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

In two minutes Todd was back with Garry’s supper. As he passed Garry his supper tray Todd’s cell phone rang. When Todd answered the call the fourth floor receptionist told him that he was needed immediately in the emergency department.
“Sorry, buddy. There’s a patient in emergency who appears to be on a bad acid trip and needs someone to talk him down. That job always goes to me when I’m on duty. I’ll come back to talk to you when I get back. Enjoy your supper.”
After not eating in over thirty hours Garry was famished. He wolfed down his chili and fries like a man who had been on a shipwreck for several days.
After quickly demolishing his meal Garry felt like having a smoke. He walked down the hall to speak to the duty receptionist. Garry asked her if there was anywhere he could go to smoke a cigarette. The receptionist told Garry that there was a small outside courtyard that was all locked and gated on the outside fence. She said that the gate was kept locked in case anyone was thinking about leaving the hospital. Garry was given the directions to get to the courtyard.
As soon as he got there he opened the door that led to the courtyard. He reached in his jacket pocket for a pack of Marlborough cigarettes. His dad had been in the United states recently and had bought Garry a carton of red Marlborough cigarettes. Lionel had remembered that these were Garry’s favorite brand of American cigarettes. Garry pulled a cigarette out of his crumpled pack. He must have scrunched the pack up somehow when he was on the Greyhound bus. He lit the cigarette up using a lighter that had a picture of the late Marilyn Monroe on it.
Garry then heard a voice in the dimly lit courtyard. The voice was coming from a wooden bench. “Can I get a light off you man?” asked the Voice.Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart E51

The duty nurse met briefly with an intern to inform him of Garry’s presenting
symptoms. The intern called to ask if there was anyone available from the Psych Department. He was told that the psychiatric on duty could give Garry

an assessment in approximately one hour. This gave the intern adequate time to do a physical evaluation of Garry’s condition and to wait for the results of his patient’s x-rays and blood tests. As Garry’s lips were swollen and bleeding, the intern asked the duty nurse to suture Garry’s cut lip.
The psychiatrist arrived shortly after Garry’s x-rays came back. The x-rays indicated that Garry did not have any broken ribs.
The psychiatrist and Garry took the elevator to the third floor of the hospital. They went to room 307 Dr. Weisenthall’s office. Dr.Weisenthall appeared to be in his late thirties. He had an average build and wore his long, grey streaked hair in a ponytail. The doctor asked Garry to have a seat on his light blue couch.
“Hello Garry. I’m Dr. Weisenthal. Most of your test results came back and it appears that you don’t have any serious physical injuries that we haven’t attended to.”
Garry looked at the wall behind Dr. Weisenthall’s Navy blue leather chair. He took note of the doctor’s university degrees. He could see out of the doctor’s windows and could see that it was raining and the sky had clouded over.
“You must be a psychiatrist,” said Garry. “judging by your university degrees I mean.”
“You’re right Garry. You’re very observant. I am indeed a psychiatrist. I’m actually the Head of the psychiatric wing of the hospital, “ said the doctor turning around to get his yellow legal pad from his desk.
“Does it concern you that I’m a psychiatrist?”
“Yes, it does because I’m not crazy. I didn’t imagine that a man beat me up on the bus.”
“No, the injuries you have on your body are very real. I would never call a patient ‘crazy’. I’m just here to do an assessment of your mental state. People who have been severely assaulted, like you have, usually show indications of trauma. I just need to find out if you have been traumatized by the incident on the bus,” explained Dr. Weisenthall giving his neck a quick turn in both directions to relieve the muscle tension.
“Well, I am feeling a lot of anxiety right now,” “Can you help me out with that?” asked Garry.
“Yes, I have successfully treated hundreds if not thousands of people with anxiety disorders.”

Episode 32 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Next Scene:


Garry Phelge couldn’t take it any longer. He got up out of his seat and walked to the front of the bus in order to talk to the driver.


Driver, I want to get off the bus right now,” said Garry.


I can’t let you off the bus here, sir. We’re in the middle of nowhere. We’re about twenty miles away from the next scheduled stop,” replied the bus driver. “Why do you want to get off here anyway?”


There are people on this bus who are out to get me. They are going to try to stop me from seeing my aunt and uncle in Kelowna,” answered Garry.


Which people are you talking about, son?” asked the driver.


The ones with the heads like reptiles,” replied Garry.


With heads like what?”


With heads like reptiles. Can’t you see them? They’re extraterrestrials,”


The bus driver used to work as a residential care worker for people with severe psychiatric disabilities. It didn’t take him long to figure out that Garry suffered from schizophrenia.


What’s your name, son?”


Garry Phelge.”


I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Garry. In less than half an hour we’ll be stopping for a break in the next town. Everybody will have to get off the bus for thirty minutes. When the break is over I won’t let the reptilian creatures back on the bus. Will that make you feel better?” asked the bus driver.


Yes sir, it will. I just hope the reptilians didn’t hear our conversation,” replied Garry.


Don’t worry. Reptiles have very poor hearing. Why don’t you go back to your seat now and let me deal with situation,” said the bus driver.

Garry thanked the driver as he walked towards his seat at the back of the bus.

Once the driver saw that Garry was safely seated at the back of the bus, the driver called 911.


Hi. I’ve got a situation on Greyhound bus 74. I have a passenger who is delusional and thinks that there are extraterrestrials on the bus who are out to get him. The passenger is a young man who likely suffers from schizophrenia. I’m afraid that the young man may be a danger to either other passengers or himself. My bus should arrive at the bus depot in Regina in about twenty -five minutes, “ explained the driver.


Do you think that your passenger will be okay until you arrive in Regina?” asked the emergency response operator. “Do you know the young man’s name?”


I believe so. He says his name is Garry Phelge. I told him that I would kick all the extraterrestrials off the bus at our next rest stop.”


Good thinking sir. I’ll have the RCMP and an ambulance meet you at the Regina bus depot.”


That sounds like a plan to me. Thank you for your help,”said the bus driver as he put his cell phone away.