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Infinite Realities Excerpt Six by Ken David Stewart

Episode Six of Infinite Realities:

As soon as the audio message was over the touch screen changed. The background color changed to black and a new set of apps and icons appeared. Bill briefly scanned the touch screen determined to figure out how this unusual tablet worked. The first app that caught his eye was one called Time Traveller. After Bill touched this app a menu screen appeared that displayed a series of options. The first option that appeared was Select the Date. The next option was Select a Location in Your Universe. The app then asked whether or not Bill wanted to be part of the experience. The next question asked if Bill wanted an historically accurate experience or if he wished to alter it using his own imagination and input. Bill picked the option of using his own mind to alter and rearrange the experience. Bill typed in a message that indicated that he wanted to be at the Altamont Speedway in December of 1969 the day of The Rolling Stones free concert.Fantasy-14

About The Author (Part Three)

About The Author (Part Three):
Fortunately, I have other interests besides reading and writing fiction and blogs. I have greatly enjoyed listening to rock and roll music since I was five years old. The first recording artist that I listened to was Elvis Presley. My worse memory of that time period was falling down the basement stairs and breaking one of my Elvis Presley LPs. Needless to say this incident brought tears to a young lad’s eyes. Several years passed before I started taking a serious interest in listening to music again. By this time I was twelve years old and watched the first appearance of The Beatles on the Ed Sulliivan Show. I think that the very next week I asked my mother for money to buy the first two Beatles singles that were released in Canada. These two 45s were She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand.
The Beatles were my favourite band up until the time I first saw The Rolling Stones for the first time on The Dean Martin Show.
Since that time I have become fans of more bands than I can remember. The two most recent bands that I have liked have been Nirvana and Motorhead.
Although I have little musical ability I enjoy practising both regular guitar and bass guitar. With the bass guitar I mostly practise scales and play some songs from my bass tab books. I have bass tab song books by The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. I also have a ton of regular guitar tab songbooks by a variety of musical artists.009

The Music of 1966 (part 2)

The Music of 1966 (part two)

Okay, let’s get in my time machine. It’s the summer of 1966 and I’m fourteen years old again. It’s the summer holidays, school’s out and I’m listening to CKRC to my transistor radio. Whatever the disc jockeys are going to play I know it’s going to be good. The first song that I hear is 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians. The organ riff is simple but drives this number. It is the short but wonderful era of garage bands. This was a time where four or five teenagers could buy themselves an electric guitar, portable organ, bass or drums, get together and form a band. If they caught fire in their home town and were very lucky they might cut a single and get it played on their local radio station. This is how bands like The Guess Who from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada got their start. The Guess Who ended up with an international hit when they recorded Shakin All Over. Hey, this is the next song I hear playing on my transistor! This is unbelievable. I just saw these guys playing at Champlain Community Center on the weekend.
What’s coming up next? It’s Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones. These guys played in Winnipeg on July 14 of 1966. There they were in person at The Winnipeg Arena. I couldn’t believe that these guys were real. Now I could see The Stones live on stage. There they are. Brian Jones comes out first with his dulcimer in hand. Next comes Keith Richard looking cocky and ready to have a good time. Mick Jagger starts singing but no one can hear them as the girls are screaming so loudly. I do recognize the first song as Not Fade Away, however, and this is only because Brian Jones is playing his harmonica. The Rolling Stones played their hit singles for twenty-five minutes and then left the stage. In those days this was par for the course so none of us felt ripped off.

The Best of the Rolling Stones (part two)

The Best of the Stones (part two)

The icing on the cake for the December’s Children album is the inclusion of two live tracks, Route 66 and I’m Movin’ On. At this time live concert tracks were relatively rare. These two tracks added some grit and grunge to this eclectic album.
My second album selection would be Flowers. Flowers is another patched together US release. Like its predecessor, December’s Children, Flowers turned out to be a gem. Some of the best Rolling Stones single releases are included on this album. These include, Lady Jane, Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadows and the pastoral masterpiece Ruby Tuesday. This album makes very evident the musicianship of Brian Jones. Brian plays the flute on Ruby Tuesday and dulcimer on Lady Jane. With these two tracks the Rolling Stones had greatly expanded the artistry of what is termed rock music. One of my favorite cuts on Flowers is My Girl, the Smoky Robinson and the Miracles cover.

The Best of The Rolling Stones (part one)

The Best of the Rolling Stones (part one)

The question that occurred to me was, ”If I could only take three Rolling Stones albums with me to a desert island, which three would they be?” My first choice is easy, “December’s Children”. This is my all time favorite Rolling Stones album. I can still recall when I first heard it. I was at a friend’s house and his older brother had just purchased it. Ironically, this was a spliced together US album version. It contained tracks from the UK version of “Out of our Heads” with a couple of recent singles thrown in. It also contains a couple of tracks from the EP “Got Live If You Want It.” I don’t know how much thought was put into the track selections or the track order on the original record. Whether it was by considered choice or not, it makes for a kick ass album. The first track, “She Said Yeah” starts with Keith’s or possibly Brian’s, slashing guitar chords. This gets the album off to a rocking start. This set also includes two of the Stones finest single releases. “Get Off of My Cloud” and “As Tears Go By.” “Cloud” is one of my favorite Rolling Stones singles. I love Charlie’s drum rolls and for some odd reason I see the color orange every time I hear this song. “As Tears Go By” was first recorded by Marianne Faithful. Many people thought that it was the Stones answer to The Beatles recording, “Yesterday.” What the two songs have in common is that they both use a string section. I have to admit that there seemed to be a relation between what the Beatles released and what the Stones followed with a few months later. For example the Stones followed “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” with “Their Satanic Majesties Request.”

An Introduction to the World of Work

Being semi retired in the last few months I have had some time to ponder the world of work as it compares to the state of retirement.After a short while the most obvious observation that I made is that retirement is great. I have great difficulty understanding people who say that if they were retired they would be bored. Broke yes; bored? ,not a chance. One of the major disadvantages of work is that it consumes so much of your time and energy. This may not seem so obvious if you are still in your twenties or thirties. You will probably still have an adequate amount of energy left after putting in your eight to ten hours at the salt mines. Once you hit your fifties and beyond, however, your energy level is now at a premium. You start to realize that time is not on your side no matter what The Rolling Stones say..